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Two-thirds of the U.S. is in support of recreational marijuana, and the movement continues to gain ground in state after state. Yet the legal market has failed to fully replace the black-market sale of the same substance. In this time of legal weed sold in an illegal way, where customers can choose to buy what they like, what differentiates black market marijuana from the legal stuff?

Any marijuana that comes from a legal seller must be tested by a state-accredited lab. Each state sets testing standards for marijuana to be deemed safe for consumers, and those testing results are available to every person that buys it. These labs look for contamination; things like residues from pesticides, screenings for fungus, mold, mildew, and verification that the crop doesn’t contain heavy metals. Each product is tested multiple times along the supply line, looking for any potential hazards. The same state regulations that mandate testing also dictate exactly how marijuana can be grown.

Producers can only use pesticides that are approved by the Department of Agriculture and must keep records of exactly what they use. The entire growing process is strictly regulated from the temperature, lighting, humidity, water supply, and ventilation of every plant in operation. With illegal weed you can’t guarantee that it’s not grown with pesticides, or doesn’t contain heavy metals, really you just can’t be certain that it’s clean. All you have to go on is how much trust you have in your source and the people they associate with.

Here at Rebelle we’re not just sales associates or budtenders, we are consumers just like you. Anything on our menu is there because we as a team carefully chose for it to be there. If we wouldn’t consume or use a product ourselves, then we aren’t going to sell it to you. We realize everyone’s personal cannabis journey is different and that’s why we try to not only carry high quality products but also a wide range of products to suit many needs and budgets. From pungent, fresh flower to soothing topicals and tasty edibles, whatever works for you we’ve got it. If we don’t, we’ll look into bringing it on our menu.