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When trying to describe the unique benefits of our friends THC and CBD many people often fall into the trap of comparing one against the other, as if there were some sort of competition! But these guys are actually a match made in heaven. They’re great apart, but they are even better together. These incredible cannabinoids come together and offer comprehensive benefits that neither could accomplish alone. What we like to call the entourage effect embraces the messy reality that it is impossible to truly isolate a set of organic variables in a living system. That’s because living systems rely on the principles of interdependence, in which everything operates in relation to everything else. This makes pointing to a single chemical in cannabis as the sole trigger for a particular human response quite a difficult task. The way cannabis can be used has changed significantly in recent years, simply rolling a doob and sparking it up has morphed into finding the ideal relief through an incredible arrangement of different tinctures, oils, edibles, lotions, flower of course, and more. For those new to the scene this can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are looking at having both CBD and THC into your routine, which ratio is best? We wanted to create an easy and accessible source for you to better understand how these ratios work and how the body reacts to different quantities of these cannabinoids to help you find your ideal relief.

Research is still being done; however, cannabinoid’s therapeutic and medical properties are still evident. THC and cannabidiol CBD differ in the way their molecules act on receptors located throughout the entire body.  In the brain, THC binds with the CB1 receptor and CBD binds with the CB2 receptor while also blocking CB1 receptors from binding with THC. This means CBD can potentially decrease some of THC’s effects, like anxiety, as well as psychoactivity. Whenever you see a marijuana product that has a ratio on it, it is indicating the amount of milligrams of CBD to THC. For example, a product labeled as a 1:1 means for every milligram of CBD in the product, there will be one milligram of THC as well. THC acts as an anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. It also provides you with a psychoactive “high” feeling. This means a higher ratio of CBD to THC means less of a “high” and vice versa. CBD also shares the above THC traits. However, at the same time, it acts as an anti-anxiety and anti-seizure. However, CBD doesn’t produce a “high” sensation like THC. Because of this reason, a lot of people prefer cannabis having a higher ratio of CBD to THC, because consuming a low THC product comes with less adverse side effects. It’s important to remember through your journey with cannabis that every human body is unique, therefore every person’s experience with THC or CBD products differs too. What your friend recommends might have worked for them and offered them relief, but there might be a product or formulation that works better for you. Start small and pay close attention to your body through the process.

A good rule of thumb: the higher the CBD, the less of a high you’ll get from the THC. When you’re deciding which ratio is right for you, it will take some experimenting. Once again, start small and listen to your body. Everyone’s personal journey with cannabis is uniquely theirs and at Rebelle we seek to guide you through the process. Remember we are always here to help with any questions or guidance you may need.