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This women’s history month, we are excited to launch our first playlist from Clairemarie Rutledge: Women in Music.

In Claire’s words:

This playlist is an homage to us, to the most inspiring female artists that have influenced my (yours as well I hope!) life, to freedom, and woman’s history. The three tracks that introduce the selection open in a groovy and elegant vibe to get in the mood; a mood that will bring smiles and happiness. Another chapter opens by the French artist Corine, with the track Cocktail, you will discover different genres with strong bass to add a lot of character and sexiness. The warmer voices you will find in this playlist will be reflected through legends as Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse, Sade and more. Speaking of warm voices, I also added a track called Wildfires by SAULT that brought me goosebumps over a thousand times; listen to the lyrics carefully and you will quickly understand the message of the protests Black Lives Matter we stood up for during the Summer of 2020 and continue to today.

When I think about REBELLE, working around the idea of a powerful group of women building their reputation in the cannabis industry, I naturally thought about Change your style by Renee. It’s so strong, so sexy, so inspiring that you want to grab your girlfriend’s hand to dance, celebrating life!

The last chapter of the playlist is introduced by Invitation by Saâda Bonaire. It’s the “night mode on” of the selection, meaning turn the volume up, add a touch of REBELLE and get in the mood to make your body move. The last three tracks are a special note because I used to play them when Djing at parties, when that was a part of my life. Cannot wait to see you all dancing to these throughout Summer 2021!