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Zero Calories  |  Sugar-Free  |  Fast Acting

Seize the day—then take it higher. We understand that life can get chaotic. With that in mind, we created HALØ by Rebelle, a wellness-centric line of cannabis products that seamlessly fold into your routines to help you find that little extra bit of inspiration when you need it most.

Each precise micro-dose cannabis spray contains 1 mg of THC, so you can easily control your headspace with a single pump or 4 quick hits. 

Three Ways to Take You Higher

Each adaptogenic spray was designed to help you find balance, a connection to a deeper self and clarity—leaving you with space to create anything.


For when you want a little extra sparkle. Use it anytime you need to feel revived with a spark of energy. Like a super-tight dance track, this energy-lifting, cannabis flower-infused oral mist feels downright fab anytime, anywhere. Each fast-acting adaptogenic spray delivers 1 mg of THC along with energizing green tea extract, allowing you to easily control your desired dose.


For finding balance, every hour is golden hour with this spray. Use it anytime to clear the mind and feel restored. Seize the day, then add a little sparkle. This blended adaptogenic oral spray harmonizes your vibe and the moment. Each fast-acting spray delivers 1 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD along with nourishing chlorophyll—instantly rebalancing body, mind, and spirit.


For when you’re ready to shed the stress of the day and unwind. Use it at night to prepare your mind for the restorative sleep you deserve. This adaptogenic oral mist nestles body and mind on a dreamy cloud of relaxation—imparting a mind-body chill that enriches wind-down rituals. Each fast-acting spray delivers 1 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBN along with nourishing valerian root.

Easy Dose It

The Best Way to Enjoy HALØ


  • Created to be spritzed under or on your tongue.

  • Freshen your palate with a peppermint and nano-emulsified water base, free oily or bitter tincture aftertaste.

  • Each spray delivers 1 mg of THC.

  • Easy dose it: 1-2 sprays is light, 3-4 sprays is average and 5+ Sprays is heavy.

  • Expect a mind reset in 20 minutes but wait 1-2 hours for the full effect to hit.

  • Enjoy alone or as the perfect way to connect with friends.

  • Store in cool, dry place to maximize the HALØ effect and preserve potency.

  • Approximately 100 sprays per bottle.