783 South Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230 | Staff fully vaccinated | Masks are optional | Open today!

Build Your Own $200 1/2 Ounce

Save $60 when you buy a 1/2oz from Resinate.
Cappachino | Hybrid | 21.2%
Critical Mass | Hybrid | 23.7%
Strawberry Banana Lemon | Sativa | 21.5%
Sour Berry Blue | Sativa |18.3%
Punch Breath | Indica | 24.1%
Jiggler | Indica | 21.1%

Your Guide to an Elevated Summer

Summer is in full swing here in the Berkshires and Rebelle is stocked to keep you going. THC infused cold beverages, edibles to give you a boost and all the flower to smoke and enjoy your time with. 

The Best Great Barrington Dispensary

The reviews are in, come visit the most beloved recreational dispensary in Great Barrington!

Conveniently located at 783 S. Main Street, just across the street from Guido’s Fresh Marketplace.

Save $10 on 1906

When you buy 1 tin, you get 2 discovery packs each for a penny.

The Julia FOX BOX

Smoke like an ICON. We bundled all her favorites in a box for you to take home and enjoy. All your consumption needs.

Best Menu Around

With over 150+ varieites on the menu at all times.
Updated daily with new drops every week.

Pre Order Today!

Rebelle is a recreational dispensary conveniently located, only:

  • Two and a half hours from Midtown NYC
  • Two hours from Boston
  • Less than an hour from The Catskills
  • 20 minutes from the Connecticut border


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Great Barrington weed marijuana dispensary near me


Great Barrington weed marijuana dispensary near me


Great Barrington weed marijuana dispensary near me


Great Barrington weed marijuana dispensary near me


Great Barrington weed marijuana dispensary near me


Great Barrington Dispensary - Top Rated Recreational Weed Cannabis Dispensary Great Barrington Berkshires Massachusetts M

Rebelle believes cannabis should #AimHigher

Our Great Barrington dispensary rises above the image of cannabis that has come before, committing instead to doing the unexpected.

A female and minority-led business, Rebelle donates 3% of our net profits towards expunging low-level cannabis convictions and empowering our community.

Come discover how we’re forging a fresh cannabis lifestyle for a new generation.

Why We’re Different

At Rebelle we strive for a more personal shopping experience.

We understand cannabis is a uniquely individual experience.

Explore collections crafted by our knowledgeable and intuitive staff.

On Point

A straight shooting blog curated for cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike.

Ditch Your Dealer

Ditch Your Dealer

Two-thirds of the U.S. is in support of recreational marijuana, and the movement continues to gain ground in state after state. Yet the legal market has failed to fully replace the black-market sale of the same substance. In this time of legal weed sold in an illegal...

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Top-rated Great Barrington Dispensary

Our Great Barrington Dispensary is the best recreational cannabis dispensary near me in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. We’re proud to provide five star service to the folks that support us. Find Rebelle on Google and read the reviews for yourself. Join us at Rebelle for en elegant cannabis shopping experience, seven days a week. A friendly team of experienced cannabis professionals is here to offer genuine advice and guide you.