1:1:1 THC:THCv:CBG

Say hello to our all-new LUSTER HALØ Wellness Edibles – the perfect companion for your focus journey!


Crafted with care, LUSTER is packed with good vibes and wellness benefits. Picture this: a dash of green tea extract for that natural energy boost, a sprinkle of THCv to dial up your concentration, and a hint of adaptogens to keep those cravings at bay. It’s like a little wellness party in every bite, supercharged with THC to elevate the therapeutic experience! And guess what? We’ve added a touch of Vitamin B12 to the mix – because why not make it extra good for you?


Here’s to focus, flavor, and feeling fantastic with LUSTER HALØ Wellness Edibles! 🌿✨



Meet the GOLDEN HALØ Wellness Edibles! Crafted to help you find your balance, every bite is a burst of wellness.


Picture this: Lion’s Mane to elevate your brainpower, CBG to soothe and restore your body, CBD to add a touch of calm, and the added magic of THC to supercharge those therapeutic effects. It’s a delicious dance of harmony and herbal goodness!


Balanced self-care just got a whole lot yummier with GOLDEN HALØ Wellness Edibles – where every bite brings you closer to the perfect balance. 🌟🌿



Introducing our dreamy delight – the TWINKLE HALØ Wellness Edibles!


Designed to gently guide you into restful sleep, each bite is a soothing symphony of wellness. Enriched with melatonin for calm relaxation, l-theanine to enhance tranquility, CBN to support a deep sleep, and CBD to add a touch of calm, we’ve also sprinkled in THC to elevate those therapeutic effects.


It’s a bedtime bliss experience like no other! Ease into a balanced and restorative rest with TWINKLE HALØ Wellness Edibles – where every bite is a journey from bedtime to bliss. 🌙🌿