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Smoke Like a Rebelle

Smoke Like a Rebelle

Full flower pre-rolls available in five strains!

Join us Saturday, May 27th for fun and games.

Plus starting today get a FREE pre-roll with 

any $50+ purchase.

Use Code: MEMORIAL23

Full flower pre-rolls available in five strains! Join us Saturday, May 27th for fun and games. Plus starting today get a
FREE pre-roll with any 
$50+ purchase.

Use Code: MEMORIAL23

Top-Rated Recreational Dispensary in Great Barrington, MA

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Shop your favorite recreational marijuana strains including Triangle Mints, Papaya Rumcake, Runtz, and Truffle Cake

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Exotic genetics, carefully curated to express especially rich and complex terpene profiles


Exotic genetics, carefully curated to express especially rich and complex terpene profiles

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THC, CBD, CBN – Gummies & Tinctures for Your Best Sleep EVER!

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Shop top-rated cannabis products – Rebelle Flower and HALØ microdose mist

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Energize Your Vibe

Kick it up a notch with strains to boost your energy

Energize Your Vibe

Kick it up a notch with strains to boost your energy

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What’s Near Me? Cannabis Products That Make You Feel Good All Day Long!

The Rebelle Dispensary
Great Barrington Experience

At Rebelle Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Great Barrington, MA, we strive to provide you with a more personal and convenient Marijuana shopping experience. Our knowledgeable and intuitive budtenders and staff have crafted an array of premium products for any individual’s needs. We understand that shopping at your local dispensary can sometimes be a chore.


Our site is setup to guide you through to what you’re looking for. Our Great Barrington dispensary menu is categorized for your convenience and each product has the information you’ll need to help your shopping experience.



Rebelle  Dispensary is conveniently located in Great Barrington, MA. We’re right off route 41 by way of route 23 and on route 7. Serving all Berkshires, Western MA, Albany NY and North CT residents who are looking for a dispensary near by. Get directions to Rebelle’s Great Barrington Dispensary. See why we’re everyone’s favorite place to buy weed in Great Barrington, See why we’re the best dispensary near you and for you!


Great selection. Quality Cannabis Products. Sourced Locally. Handcrafted.



When it comes to recreational cannabis we know quality! We place only the best marijuana on our shelves based on customer requests and feedback. If you’re not sure what cannabis products would fit you best — our budtenders are happy to make recommendations. We can help you shop by effect, strain, or any specific categories or brands. We have years of experience in the cannabis dispensary industry, we know Great Barrington, and we’re not afraid to introduce you to life changing products.


For those looking for “the best weed dispensary near me” look no further, you’ve found it! Come to Rebelle Dispensary the Best Rated Recreational Dispensary in Great Barrington, MA! To buy the Best Marijuana in Great Barrington, MA!

Rebelle is the Perfect Destination for "Recreational Dispensary Near Me" searches!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All of Your Curiosities About Marijuana & Our Great Barrington Dispensary!

Almost certainly! Our  recreational dispensary is located in Great Barrington, MA in the heart of the Berkshires. Only a couple hours from New York City, and only minutes to Connecticut , the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. Come visit the best dispensary near you!

Massachusetts limits the amount of Cannabis one person can buy in a single day. In Massachusetts you can purchase a daily limit of 28 grams of dry flower or the flower equivalent in concentrates or edibles. Meaning a limit of 5 grams of concentrate or 500mg of edibles.

We are open every day of the week! Sunday to Thursday our hours are 10am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday we are open from 8am until 8pm. 

As long as you are 21+, you can legally allowed to buy cannabis in Massachusetts. Just bring a government issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) and you will be all set to pick up some of Massachusetts finest cannabis. Make sure to note the state purchase limits and available payment methods before you visit.

We currently accept only Debit cards and cash to pay for your order. We do have an ATM on site at the dispensary and all debit card transactions are rung out as a cashless ATM transaction.

We always make sure to carry a large variety of strains in both cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vapes and concentrates. Including cannabis strains that are found to help with creativity, energy, relaxation, sleep and much more!

Rebelle is a dispensary located in the Berkshires. It is one of the closest recreational dispensaries to New York City and is located close to the Taconic Highway, off of Route 7 in Great Barrington. The dispensary is close to Sheffield, Lee, Pittsfield, Egremont, Alford, Otis, Stockbridge, Blandford, Russell, Westfield, Tolland, Northampton, Westhampton, Southampton. We’re also located near Connecticut and upstate New York. 

Awesome, your first time buying legal marijuana! What do you do? Relax, have fun and get educated about what products will complement your individual needs. You have two options when shopping with Rebelle, pre-order or in-store. When pre-ordering, you can place your order through our online menu and then pick up in our store, no need to wait in line. If you want a more personalized experience, shopping in store with one of our budtenders is always the best option. We can tailor your experience to your personal needs, concerns and goals. Relax and just don’t forget to bring your ID!

Great Barrington, MA is known for so many things, apart from some of the best weed in Massachusetts. From gorgeous hikes like Monument Mountain to some of the Berkshires most acclaimed dining experiences such as John Andrews Farmhouse or the Prairie Whale.

We always recommend starting low and slow. That means start small if you’re trying something for the first time. Edibles can take a few hours to fully metabolize, which means the effects are delayed. Start with 5 mgs (or one serving) first, wait 2 hours and see how you feel. Smoking flower is quite similar, however the effects are felt immediately. Start with a little and get to know how your personal limits and how your high feels.

Yes, you can place a pre-order for the same day all the way up until just before we close. Any orders placed at or after closing time will be filled for the following day. We also allow you to shop in store where you are able to speak with one of our cannabis experts for a personal consultation.

THC: If you know about cannabis, this is probably one term you’re familiar with. THC is a cannabinoid, and cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis that interact with the receptors in the brain and body to create various effects. It is important to note the THC percentage on a cannabis label is actually the percentage of THC compared to other terpenes and cannabinoids, and not the total THC amount in that strain.


CBD: CBD is yet another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and is the second most abundant after THC. CBD is non-intoxicating and has many potential therapeutic benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, analgesic, and pain management. You will also find a CBD percentage on cannabis labels. If you want a CBD dominant product, look for products with low THC or ask one of our budtenders for help!


THCA: THCA is a naturally occuring acid that has no intoxicating effects until it’s heated (and then it turns until THC). The percentage value of THCA on a label represents the amount of THCA present. THCA has many healing potential benefits for arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. While raw cannabis won’t leave you intoxicated, many people juice raw cannabis leaves for the many benefits found in THCA.

Great Barrington MA Weed Dispensary Reviews

If you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned vet, our Great Barrington Dispensary is 4.8+ star cannabis dispensary near me in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Our friendly team of experienced cannabis professionals are here to offer genuine advice and guide you. Join us for en elegant cannabis shopping experience, seven days a week. Want to hear what our cannabis customer’s say about the best dispensary in Great Barrington

  • Rachael Gracy
    11/12/2022 01:04 PM
    I love shopping here. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I'd highly recommend coming here to family and friends. Always has everything I need.
  • Mary Horton
    11/12/2022 02:07 AM
    Really great customer service. Love coming to Rebelle. Very knowledgeable staff, I would highly recommend shopping here. Never disappointed. Great products. Always love returning to Rebelle.
  • John Paulding
    11/02/2022 03:04 PM