These Five Flower Strains Are For The Ultimate High

papaya rumcake packaging image

When it comes to cannabis flower, quality reigns supreme. At Rebelle Dispensary, we take pride in cultivating some of the finest in-house strains, setting us apart from the competition. Let’s dive into the world of Rebelle’s five exceptional flower strains: Papaya Rumcake, Mac & Cheese, Fritter Rumcake, Gas Tank, and Triangle Mints. Papaya Rumcake: A […]

Meet Our New Rosin Batter, Exclusive at Rebelle Dispensary

Rosin Batter

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’re probably always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in cannabis products. Well, look no further because Rebelle Dispensary has a treat in store for you – Rosin Batter. But what exactly is Rosin Batter, and why should you be excited about it? What is Rosin Batter? Rosin Batter […]

Marijuana Strains For Weight Control

Cannabis has been regarded for it’s wellness benefits for centuries, and recently, its use has expanded to include weight control for many users. Although not all strains are created equal in this regard, some consumers have found certain cannabis strains which help them with weight management and regulation. There are two main types of cannabis, sativa and […]

Charlotte Hanna’s Go To Cannabis Hacks

Today I got to sit down with Charlotte Hanna, our CEO and cofounder here at Rebelle, and have a conversation about what’s exactly in her stash box (or cabinet!) and what are her trade secrets to harnessing this incredibly versatile plant. The first word out of her mouth was “layering”. “I love perfume and layering it is a way […]

CBN: The Sleepy Cannabinoid

CBN: The Sleepy Cannabinoid

If you’re here you more than likely are a cannabis consumer and you’ve probably heard everything about its two most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD. However, these aren’t the only cannabinoids produced by the plant. You’ll also find minor cannabinoids, like CBN (cannabinol), among others. Throughout the fascinating life span of cannabis growth and cultivation, […]

THC & CBD: The OG Best Buds

THC & CBD- The OG Best Buds

When trying to describe the unique benefits of our friends THC and CBD many people often fall into the trap of comparing one against the other, as if there were some sort of competition! But these guys are actually a match made in heaven. They’re great apart, but they are even better together. These incredible […]

Entourage Theory: Secret to Wellness

Open your container of bud and take one out, look closely. See those sticky shiny dots of resin? Inside there are hundreds of therapeutic compounds that contribute to the effects and benefits of cannabis. Our bodies take in hundreds of botanical compounds when we smoke or vape, each one brings unique effects and benefits, and […]

The Secret to a Goodnights Sleep

Still counting sheep? Sleep is a vital and unfortunately often neglected part of person’s overall health and well-being. Getting adequate rest enables the body to repair itself and be fit and ready for another day, and when that does not happen, well you know cause you’re reading this article trying to find that something that […]