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To Be a Change Maker

At Rebelle Dispensary, we’re passionate about representing women in weed. Our commitment to empowering change and creating a new weed experience is the heart of our mission.

Great Barrington Dispensary

783 S. Main St,

Great Barrington, MA

Boston Dispensary

591 Albany St,

Boston, MA



It started with a vision of creating something truly unique in the world of cannabis. I had long been passionate about the potential of this incredible plant to enhance lives and well-being. But I wanted to go beyond the ordinary.


I saw an opportunity to bring together two of my greatest passions: cannabis and the empowerment of women. Inspired by my experiences as a woman in weed and the undeniable power of female leadership, Rebelle was born.


Founded on the principles of quality, empowerment, and community, Rebelle is not just about selling cannabis; it is about creating an inclusive environment where people can explore the world of cannabis at the intersection of wellness and luxury.


As we continue to grow and evolve, our mission remains the same: to redefine the cannabis experience, grow premium and quality product, and celebrate the power of women in weed.


We’re excited to Aim Higher with you.

Charlotte Hanna, Founder & CEO



We provide customers with the best products and widest selection of cannabis & marijuana products near the Berkshires and in Boston. When you visit one of our outposts, you’ll be greeted by friendly guides who will walk you through our entire selection. This includes everything from premium cannabis flower to marijuana concentrates, edibles, and even topical ointments. We’ll equip you with all the accessories you might need throughout your personal journey.


Most of all, we are focused on providing as much education and understanding as possible, to help you find your perfect high. Our budtenders are informed, experienced, and excited to help you on your journey.

Rebelle Exterior Store


783 Main St,

Great Barrington, MA, United States

10am – 6pm, Mon – Sat | 10am – 5pm, Sun

(413) 258-3958


Interior of Rebelle Dispensary


591 Albany St,

Boston, MA, United States

10am – 6pm, Mon – Sat | Closed, Sun

(617) 206-2155