3 Ways to Boost Your THC

Does it feel like your usual session just isn’t hitting that high note? You’re not alone! After continued toking, it’s expected to find yourself with a higher tolerance than you’d expect. While you might love the flavors, terpene based effects, and the general feel of your favorite weed strains, it’s normal for them to stop packing such a punch after a while. Not to worry – there are endless ways we’ve found to take your typical joint or bowl to the next level and bring back that full on stoney effect you’ve been craving. 

Entry Level: Kief Topped Bowl

If you’ve ever owned a grinder, then you’ve probably collected some of your own kief. It’s what the bottom layer of your grinder is for – and we consider it powdered gold! Kief is a very fine yellow/greenish powder, which comes from the THC containing trichomes that layer your flower. This powder is much stronger than flower, with a potency between 30%-60% THC. 

A Trickier Option: Dabs & Joints

Concentrates, commonly called dabs, are the heavy hitters! These are the concentrated resins and psychoactive compounds of flower which come in a variety of forms, ranging from drier powders and waxes to very sticky and resinous sugars and “live” extracts. These forms often test between 70% and 90% THC! 

The best thing about infusing your joint with concentrates is that you can often find the same or complementary strains of concentrate and flower, meaning you can have a strain specific infused joint, something that is quite a worthwhile experience. 

Method 1: Concentrate Infused Joint

For this method, we suggest starting with a dry or easily workable concentrate which you can crumble into small bits or a powder (try live rosin or live budder). The more resinous the concentrate, the harder it’ll be to work with. 

To roll: set up your paper with half of the amount of ground buds you’d like to use. Sprinkle your concentrate into the middle of the joint, top with a little more ground flower and finish rolling like you normally would. Voila!

Method 2: Joint Wrapped in Concentrate

Another way to infuse your joint is to wrap it in concentrate. For this method, you’ll want a sticky / more malleable concentrate (try wax or live sugar.)

You can either (very carefully!) use a dab-tool to rub the concentrate on the outside, or can create a thin rope of concentrate to wrap around your joint, giving it a candy cane like appearance. This will ensure an even smoke.

For the Edible Crowd: Distillate & Tinctures

Looking to boost your THC but not a smoker? Not a problem! 

Distillate is your new best friend. This base concentrate is what most edibles are made with, testing upwards of 60% THC. It’s a touch thick and viscous, so it works best dissolved into a hot liquid. It’s great to use in homemade treats (brownies anyone!?), or to add to an already infused treat to really up the ante.

You may want to give tinctures a try as well. These work by either absorbing sublingually (drop them on, or under your tongue), or like an edible when consumed in food. These are usually an oil base, making them highly potent, and come in a variety of dosages for accurate and precise measuring. 

3 Ways to Boost Your THC