Cannabis Accessories that You Can’t Live Without

Anyone who consumes cannabis likely already has the short-list of must-have things for enjoyment.

You need something to store your cannabis, in whatever form you prefer. Stash boxes can be as fancy as a carved wooden box or as simple as a used Altoids container. You’ll also want to have a rolling tray if you smoke cannabis. But again, that can be an old magazine that happens to be on the table.

Other cannabis accessories you can’t live without might be a little less obvious, making them excellent gifts for yourself or for those who enjoy cannabis. 


Paper Pre-Rolled Cones

Once you’ve tried these smoking shortcuts, you may never go back to rolling your own. Pre-rolled cones produce a perfect-looking and -smoking cannabis cigarette every time. Paper cones have replaced books of papers for many connoisseurs, and they’re vital for those with joint or hand pain.

Not only do they offer a nice shape, but pre-rolled cones also ensure you don’t waste any buds that may otherwise fall out the bottom of a self-rolled smoke. It includes a filter with each cone, presenting a healthier smoking option and improved airflow.

Dugout and Chillum

If you plan to go anywhere with cannabis in the smokable form, you cannot live without a dugout and chillum. These two-in-one accessories are the dugout, which is where you store pre-ground cannabis bud, and the chillum. Chillums are also called one-hitter pipes.

Often, they are sold as a set so the chillum can be stored inside the dugout, which fits easily in a pocket or bag. Although you can certainly enjoy cannabis with this set-up at home, many people choose these classy and discreet options for travel. They come in many different designs, but wooden ones are popular.

Vape Pen

If you prefer to vaporize rather than smoke, investing in a rechargeable and refillable vape pen is a necessity. There are many different designs, so look for one that vapes both liquid and oil.

These accessories come with a battery that usually allows for different temperature settings depending on the cannabis product. You’ll be able to use the battery charger overnight to keep it ready to go when you are.


Some strains of cannabis are so sticky and moist that it can be a challenge to break up tight buds for even smoking. Dry and stem-filled cannabis can also be tricky to smoke evenly. The answer is investing in a grinder.

You can pick up a cheap one, or you can invest in a grinder that is easy to use and clean. The best ones are electric and automatic, adjusting pressure, speed, and direction depending on the cannabis you wish to enjoy.

Joint Locker

If you are interested in traveling with a joint, you know how important it is to have something that can protect it from getting crushed. A joint locker is the answer. This must-have product is designed to hold a regular Bic lighter and a 0.5-gram joint for lighting up whenever you wish.

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a loved one or treating yourself, these cannabis accessories will make your consumption more enjoyable and easy.

Cannabis Accessories that You Can’t Live Without