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Cannabis Tincture Dosage Explained

A cannabis tincture is alcohol infused with cannabis extract. Tinctures are a great option for people who don’t want to smoke or eat cannabis, but still want to gain the medical benefits of THC and CBD. As they’re usually packaged in glass bottles with droppers, it’s easy to administer a precise dose. And it’s important to consider your cannabis tincture dosage carefully. This way, you can maximize its impact on your wellbeing but avoid any unwanted side effects. Here’s our guide on how to approach dosing your cannabis tincture.

Factors When Deciding How Much to Dose

Before we delve into quantities, bear in mind the amount of cannabis tincture you’ll want to consume can be influenced by several factors, including:

  • Your body weight
  • Which condition/s you’re treating
  • Whether you’re taking any medication containing CBD or THC
  • Your general tolerance to new substances

The time until a dose takes effect will also vary depending on whether the tincture is used sublingually (under the tongue), orally (by swallowing), or to infuse food you’re going to eat.

We’ll offer guidelines, but consider your circumstances when determining your dosage. And if you think you should check anything over with your doctor first, do it!

How to Figure Out Your Dose

Unfortunately, cannabis tinctures can function in the same way as edibles. This means you can take a dose, not feel any of the effects for a while, and decide to try some more. At that point, the first dose is taking hold and you’re in an uncertain situation.

The most effective way to determine the right dose for you is to adjust it in low increments over a period of time. Start small – after all, you can take more, but you can never take less once it’s in your system.

Begin your first day by taking the recommended dose on the bottle – this is often to the 0.25 ml mark on the dropper. If it’s your first rodeo with tinctures, you could even halve the dose to 0.125 ml for the first day or two.

Sublingual dosing is the most popular way to consume tinctures. It will usually give you stronger and faster effects than any other method of consumption. This also means you can tell within a shorter amount of time whether it has had an effect. Wait 20 or 30 minutes, and observe how you feel.

If you don’t notice any effect, you can wait for another hour and repeat the dose. Or hold on until the next day, and double the dose. Continue like this every day, administering doses in increased amounts of around 0.25 ml each time.

Remember that if you swallow the dosage or consume it with food, the effects will take longer to kick in. This is usually on a comparable timeline to edibles.

Find Your Cannabis Tincture Dosage

Cannabis tinctures should last for a few years if they’re stored in a cool, dark place, so there’s certainly no rush to use up your supply. Be patient, listen to your body, and prepare for trial and error. In time, you’ll find the cannabis tincture dosage you want to take for the long term.

Cannabis Tincture Dosage Explained