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Cannabis Topicals: the Ins & Outs

By now we all know that the weed we once knew has come to take some pretty interesting forms apart from just buds. But now with the world of cannabis opening up more and more a robust market of topically applied cannabis products has come to life. While you might be thinking, “Wait, you want me to rub my marijuana on my skin?”. Well not exactly but at the same time, uhm yeah pretty much. 

Topicals are refined cannabis extracts that have been blended with some form of oil, balm, cream or similar medium to make them absorbable through your skin. While you might be thinking wow, this is the most discreet way to get high I’ve ever heard of! You should know that topicals aren’t meant to provide the euphoric high or really much of any noticeable psychoactive effect.

What they are built for is to harness the therapeutic effects of cannabis and its active compounds in particular. Uses and applications span your daily aches and pains to sexual wellness. Topicals may not end up being the most exciting or exhilarating products in your lineup, but for users who aren’t particularly looking for that high or who just want to isolate a specific end use they are a must!

Topicals for Aches & Pains

Even as a recreational dispensary we have seen countless customers come back time and time again. Telling us how much topicals have helped them overcome chronic aches and pains that once ruled their day to day. Most topicals only take 10-20 minutes to get the desired effect, making them a quick fix. 

Common complaints we’ve seen topicals be a great solution for include carpal tunnel, headaches, cramping, or general soreness from being on your feet or working manual labor. Many even report that some of the personal lubricants are a solution for cramps.

Rebelle’s Pick: 

Slate Topicals has an amazing Wonder Balm which combines a cooling sensation and peppermint scent with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio to combat sore or aching muscles.

Topicals for the Bedroom

Yes you heard us right, topicals for the bedroom are one of our favorites. While you may not get high, the tingling and physical sensations that some of these elicit can be incredible. Most of these are lubricants in one form or another. 

Rebelle’s Pick:

Pleasure Oil by Her Highness, not just adds some THC into the mix, but its unique recipe is built to really enhance the tingling and euphoric physical effects. 

Topicals for Skincare

As you may have heard before, THC has been known to have positive benefits beyond the high. Which according to many extend to your skin as well. Nothing is quite as nice as finally getting some relief from chronic dry or cracking skin. Which is why many have turned to the reported regenerative properties of cannabis as their fix. Believe it or not there are even many psoriasis patients who seek out topicals for some relief. 

Rebelle’s Pick: 

The Body Balm by Nordic Goddess is perfect for some well deserved rejuvenation. This combo even works well at reducing inflammation too with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.

Cannabis Topicals: the Ins & Outs

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