Check Out 6 Of Our Favorite Vapes!

When it comes to vaping your cannabis, you have many, many options to choose from. Today we wanna highlight the classic and well known 510 thread vape as well as some of the current compatible cartridges we offer on our menu and why we love them. You’re going to need a 510 thread battery to work with any one of these vapes, and there are a lot of different options to choose from out there, but a good place to begin with us would be our signature Rebelle 510 battery which includes a charger as well as 3 different heat settings to help you get your perfect hit. Let’s dive into the good stuff.

  1. Tahitian Punch distillate cartridge by RYTHM

Strains Sour Tangie and Sour Apple join forces to create this energizing and euphoric strain that is “the highlight of my day” says our visual merchandising coordinator Tyler. “I genuinely get so excited whenever we get this back on the menu. It is hands down my FAVORITE strain! The strong citrus flavor and creative energetic high lifts me up when I need it and keeps me soaring through the day with great vibes.”

  1. Strawnana distillate cartridge by Strane

“Lately when I’m going to pick out a new vape I’ve been going straight for anything by Strane! I’ve found that their cartridges are consistently great quality. Great flavor, great potency, minimal clogging, all things I look for in a great vape cartridge and Strane ticks all the boxes.” Says one of our wonderful budtenders Sam, “Strawnana is a strain I love to use around dinner time, I’m definitely not ready for bed yet but I am ready to destress and put my feet up and have a good time.”

  1. Kush Clouds Live Rosin Sauce cartridge from Blue River

If you prefer the stinky stink and funky taste of flower you will absolutely love this one! “Blue River has pleasantly changed my outlook on vape carts,” Say’s budtender Meghan, “with its solventless extraction methods and full bouquet of terpenes, every strain I have tried, from Kush Clouds to Grapes ‘n Cream, have been outstanding.  If you want to come as close to the beloved bud as possible, Blue River LRS (live rosin sauce) carts are a cut above the rest and an essential additional to one’s cannabis arsenal.”

  1. Dosi Jam Liquid Live Resin cartridge from Cresco

Big Grape and Do-Si-Lato strains meet to create the incredibly calm and fruity Dosi Jam strain. Danielle, head of our inventory team says this is her to go for melting the stressors of her day away. “A toke of this before, during, and after my nighttime routine helps ensure that my mind won’t be racing by the time I hit the sheets. Plus liquid live resin carts are always packed with flavor so I know I’m gonna love every hit.” Kat our keyholder agrees and goes on to add “They’re always reliable, smooth, and terpene-forward. Dosi Jam is totally my jam!”

  1. Forbidden Zkittlez distillate cartridge from Nature’s Heritage

“Nature’s Heritage always delivers great sticky, smelly flower consistently and their other products are no different in my opinion.” says our customer service rep Alex. “What I love about the Forbidden Zkittlez strain is the happy high it delivers. It’s like a warm hug with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, a giggly fun good time every time.”

  1. Trainwreck distillate cartridge from Strane

“While I’m doing a creative project, I like to use a strain much like Trainwreck to keep my innovative ideas flowing while I work. And with the convenience and ease of vaping I don’t have to go far to get to that place I need to be mentally to get the job done.” Says our inventory specialist and keyholder Rachael about this brand new drop. But she swears by all of Strane vape cartridges because of their potency. “The feeling from these vapes are perfect for someone with a higher tolerance such as me. They’re not harsh on the throat and the taste is pleasant. If your main form of consumption is vaping, these are worth checking out.”

Check Out 6 Of Our Favorite Vapes!