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Coming Back to the World of Weed

Welcome back my friend! It’s been a while. The image of weed and the way we use it has changed so much within the last decade and each day it continues to shift. We know it’s a lot and it can be jarring at first, but we are here to help reintroduce you to weed and all of the great things she has to offer you to help make the process simpler.

The first thing to know is that today’s stuff is a lot stronger in comparison to what you may have had years ago. The amount of THC in weed—the chemical responsible for the drug’s potency—has increased dramatically in recent decades. In the mid-1990s, the average THC content of confiscated pot was roughly 4 percent. By 2014, it was about 12 percent, with a few strains of cannabis containing THC levels as high as 37 percent. For those who want to get a table in the smoking section, we suggest flower testing lower than 20% or even a high CBD strain to lessen the head high THC gives and relieve anxiety. Check out our current line up of fresh and incredible flower HERE.

Starting with 1 mg to 2.5 mg of THC is generally considered best practice for cannabis edibles, beverages, and tinctures. It may be hard to find low-dose edibles where you live, so we recommend choose products that can be easily and evenly divided. Luckily, we’ve got you covered here at Rebelle, here’s some of our low dose favorites we think are worth checking out:

  • Rebelle has created three ways to take you higher with HALØ microdose mist. We bring you LUSTER for when you need a little extra sparkle, GOLDEN for finding true balance, and TWINKLE for when you’re ready to leave your stress of the day behind and unwind. Because each precise micro-dosed spray contains 1 mg of THC, it allows you to easily control your headspace with a single pump or several quick hits, great for first time or novice users alike.
  • Kiva’s line of Petra Mints are highly portable, decidedly poppable, and precisely-dosed cannabis mints boast rich flavors ranging from spicy to sour to sweet. Each mint contains just 2.5MG of THC or less per serving, making it easy to find your optimal dose and enhance any and every experience.
  • At just 2.5 MG of THC per piece, DO Drops are low-dose gummies and chocolates that let you choose your own adventure. FUNctional gummies and chocolates that are low sugar and low dose, with just enough THC to lift you up or chill you out while you DO what you need to DO.

Always remember you can consume more if you are unsatisfied. Starting low and slow is an essential part in the process of entering back into cannabis use or even for the first time. You will work your way up in time. Listen to your body and ask yourself what you need or want. Remember you can take more but you cannot take less.

Coming Back to the World of Weed