Dry January Just Got Waaaay Better

Dry January 2023 continues a fairly newer tradition in which participants choose to begin the new year without hitting the bottle. This commitment can be appealing to those who wish to cut back on drinking habits that may have escalated during the holidays, or even from the recent pandemic. If you’re used to boozing it up it may seem like a daunting task to avoid alcohol for 31 days, but we think it’s a worthwhile effort, especially with a little help from our friend cannabis.


Most cannabis consumers age 21+ have replaced or reduced their alcohol intake with weed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to reduce stress and anxiety, according to the results of a Harris Poll released this month. Half of the respondents (50%) said they increased their use because cannabis helped them relax, and (48% ) said they did so to help them sleep. Of those who said they use marijuana recreationally, a third (33%) said that they prefer weed over alcohol.


Some benefits of switching from alcohol to cannabis may include:
Better Mood
Deeper Sleep
Waistline Reduction
Brighter Skin
Stronger Immune System


If you want to swap out alcohol for cannabis, your buds at Rebelle got you covered with plenty of plant alternatives for you to choose from to help make things easier for you this Dry January. The easiest and most popular way to replace alcohol with cannabis is by switching to an infused beverage or even creating your own canna-cocktail with a beverage enhancer. We offer a variety of ready to consume beverages from brands such as CANN and Levia as well as water soluble tinctures, drink mixes from Treeworks, Good Feels, and Vibations. Whatever the vibe you’re trying to set for the New Year, Rebelle can help you set it. Here’s a quick guide to help you catch the vibe you’re chasing.


For a lighter effect, quench your thirst with one or two cans of CANN, these delicious cannabis-infused social tonic are as bubbly, refreshing, and sociable as your favorite cocktail, but hold the booze – and the hangover. Each low-dose can is dosed with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD for a refreshing social buzz. Comes in unique flavors such as Blood Orange Cardamom, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Lemon Lavender!


For a medium effect, we suggest a can or two of Levia, a cannabis-infused seltzer that comes in 12-ounce cans. It has 5mg of THC, zero calories and zero sugar and available in three flavors: Achieve, a raspberry-lime sparkling water with sativa blend; Celebrate, a lemon-lime hybrid blend; and Dream, a jamberry flavored indica blend. Guarantee to provide a fast and predictable onset with a consistent experience.


For a heavier effect we recommend getting extra creative and making your own canna-cocktail to enjoy! Good Feels offers flavored beverage enhancers such as Raspberry or Lemon-Lime. Each zero sugar and zero calorie serving delivers approximately 4.5mg THC and 3mg CBD for perfectly good feels. Treeworks also offers a variety of tinctures with various cannabinoid ratios, flavors, and experiences to suit your needs. Whatever you mix up we’d love to see! Tag us at @rebelledispensary on Instagram to show us how you made Dry January a little less of a drag.

Dry January Just Got Waaaay Better