Can’t Make it to Rebelle? Find HALØ at These Fine Dispensaries All Across Massachusetts.

Seize the day—then take it higher. We understand that life  can get chaotic. With that in mind, we created HALØ by Rebelle, a wellness-centric line of products that seamlessly folds into your routine to help you find that little extra bit  of inspiration when you need it most. Our debut products, the Microdose Mists, were created with style, sustainability and the sacredness of small daily rituals at the core.

Each adaptogenic formula was designed to help you find balance, a connection to a deeper self and clarity—leaving  you with space to create anything you can imagine. Best of all, each precise microdose of THC and adaptogens allows you to easily control your headspace with a single mist. HALØ is a high for the moment at hand. Available in the Berkshires exclusively at Rebelle, and at many other fine retailers across Massachusetts.



1 mg THC per spray
For when you want a little extra sparkle at a moments notice.
Use it anytime you  need to feel revived with a spark of energy.



0.5 mg THC / 0.5 mg CBD per spray
For finding balance, every hour is golden hour with this spray.
Use it anytime to clear the mind and feel restored.



0.5 mg THC / 0.5 mg CBN per spray
For when you’re ready to shed the stress of the day and unwind.
Use it at night to relax and prepare your mind for restorative sleep.


Get HALØ at One of These Fine Dispensaries if You Can’t Make it to Rebelle:

Rise Dispensary – Dracut, MA
Rise Dispensary – Maynard, MA
Resinate – Northampton, MA
Silver Therapeutics – Williamstown, MA
Solar Therapeutics – Somerset, MA
Northeast Alternatives – Fall River, MA
Panacea Wellness – Middleborough, MA
Yamba Market – Cambridge, MA
Stem Dispensary – Haverhill, MA
Liberty – Easthampton, MA
Ascend – Newton, MA
Ascend – Boston, MA
Rev Clinics – Cambridge, MA (Fresh Pond)
Rev Clinics – Cambridge, MA (Central Square)

Can’t Make it to Rebelle? Find HALØ at These Fine Dispensaries All Across Massachusetts.

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