For the Love of Tinctures!

Let’s talk about tinctures! If you’re new to the dropper game, here’s a simple guide to ease you in with confidence and sure-fire results.

Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract similar to edibles. The quickest and easiest way to enjoy is a few drops on or under your tongue. You’ll find the onset a bit quicker than edibles, most as soon as fifteen minutes with longer lasting effects. Tinctures let you dose with confidence! Measured droppers make it easy to microdose or for those with a high tolerance try a full dropper to get you right where you need to be. Our newest obsession: Howl’s Tinctures, offer 8 delicious organic varieties including 3 double strength options.

Tinctures For Fun

  • The Why: Going out on the town, looking to laugh a little extra, or to just plain get high!
  • The How: Easy to drop in a cocktail or mocktail, any meal you want to infuse, or right on your tongue for quick fun.
  • The When: Literally any time you feel like it!
  • The Potion: Howl’s Anytime Tinctures make for a balanced high that’s always a good time, no matter the occasion. Also available in double strength.

“For me the anytime tinctures are a really clean and enjoyable high with a lot of euphoria. I really like the double strength Anytime mixed with dinner to get a night started.”
– Charlotte Underwood, Marketing Director

Tinctures in the Afternoon

  • The Why: Add a little pep to your step and put an extra big smile on your face all day long.
  • The How: Right on your tongue is great for a quick burst of energy, but we also love mixing in with some iced tea in the summer!
  • The When: In the morning after breakfast for a nice even effect all afternoon.
  • The Potion: Howl’s Daytime Tinctures do a perfect job of giving a creative boost and keeping you productive while enjoying yourself. Also available in double strength.

“The daytime tincture is perfect for me! I dose a bit at a time throughout the day to keep myself in a fun and creative frame of mind.”
– Geraldine Hessler, CMO

Tinctures in the Evening

  • The Why: To take the edge off after a long day, calm those stressful thoughts bouncing around your head and help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • The How: Take it straight or try mixing it in some sleepy-time tea for a cozy feel.
  • The When: About an hour before bedtime.
  • The Potion: Howl’s Nighttime Tincture blends soothing and relaxing terpenes. Also available in double strength.

“Most edibles just don’t quite get me the relief I need with my tolerance, the double strength tinctures make it so I only have to dose once and I don’t have to worry. The nighttime really makes for a strong body high that’s very relaxing ”
– Taylor Haas, Executive Assistant

Tinctures For Relief

  • The Why: Everyday aches and pains as well as generally making everything feel a little less overwhelming.
  • The How: Under the tongue is best for quick relief.
  • The When: Whenever you feel aches or soreness, definitely during times you are having some anxiety, stress, or fatigue.
  • The Potion: Howl’s has two CBD tinctures which are both perfect for this. The CBD 1:1 gives you a bit more euphoria with your relief, while the 10:1 has minimal psychoactive effect, but provides a lot of comfort.

“Nothing really does ease the stress of a hard day like my 10:1, with how quickly it kicks in I won’t go anywhere without it now. And the 1:1 has replaced some of the edibles I used to take to help me relax in the evening too”
Hannah Kibbe, Operations Manager

For the Love of Tinctures!