Hash Wax and Other Concentrates

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As cannabis legalization on the state level continues to spread throughout the United States, the market continues to grow. As the market grows, the number of available products continues to increase. One type of product that’s become popular is cannabis concentrates. They include such things as hash, wax, shatter, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are concentrated cannabis products. They range in consistency from runny liquid to solid and everything in between. There are a few processes used to make them, but they all have the same goal, pulling out the maximum amount of cannabinoids. The result is an ultra-concentrated product that’s substantially more potent than cannabis flowers. Flowers generally reach as much as 30% (or slightly more) of THC. Concentrates, on the other hand, can have as much as 90% THC.

Benefits of Concentrates 

One of the biggest benefits of concentrates is potency. With such strong products, you only need a very small amount to achieve the desired results. As such, your stash lasts longer.

Another significant benefit of concentrates is that they take effect quickly. They’re highly bioavailable, meaning that they absorb into your bloodstream and begin producing effects almost immediately. The effects typically last between one to three hours.


Types of Concentrates

There are several types of concentrates on the market today including hash and wax. The biggest difference between them is their consistency. Some are made differently than others, too. Your method of use may also play a role in which one you choose.


Hash, also known as hashish, is a type of solventless concentrate. It generally involves the use of pressure and heat to remove trichomes from cannabis flowers. Another method involves the use of ice water.

Hash Oil

Hash oil is another name for a liquid concentrate. There’s butane hash oil (BHO) and propane hash oil (PHO), which involve the use of liquid butane or propane to pull cannabinoids from plant matter. Extractors ensure the solvent evaporates from the liquid before packaging it. Most people use these oils for vape pens.


Wax is a soft, opaque oil that comes in many consistencies. It may be runny, gooey, or crumbly. One of its most popular uses is dabbing.


Budder is one of the cleanest and most popular concentrates on the market. It’s also one of the most expensive. With a texture that resembles fresh butter, it requires vigorous whipping during the purging process to create it.


Whereas budder is smooth and creamy, crumble is drier and, well, crumblier. It’s soft, but it falls apart easily. Both potent and flavorful, it’s well-suited for vaping and dabbing.


Shatter is a translucent concentrate that’s solid but very brittle, hence the name. It breaks apart very easily. Unlike budder or crumble, it’s not agitated during the purging process, which ensures its glass-like appearance. While it’s not ideal for smoking, it’s excellent for vaping.

Pull and Snap

Pull and snap is runny, but it’s solid enough to be handled easily. It’s very similar to taffy in its consistency. You pull and twist it to separate a piece and roll it into a ball for vaping, Alternatively, you can flatten it out and use it in a joint.

Hash Wax and Other Cannabis Concentrates For High Potency Results

As the cannabis market continues to expand, you’ll find a broader array of products on dispensary shelves. Cannabis concentrates allow you to enjoy a potent experience with a very small amount of product. The best part is, you don’t have to stick to one type of concentrate. You can try a few different types to find the ones you like best.

Hash Wax and Other Concentrates