Rebelle’s Guide to an Elevated Summer

Ahh summer. What a wonderful time of the year to connect with yourself, your friends, family and nature. Here we’ve compiled a guide, filled with tips on which  products to try, tricks to get the most out of them, links to recipes and more to help you elevate your summer in so many different ways!

First and foremost, the heat is brutal, and this is the time to be extra mindful of your edibles and how/where you store them. Sometimes though you cannot help it, and luckily there are a few options on our menu to avoid a meltdown disaster! The entire 1906 lineup of discreet, melt proof, swallowable pills combine moderately dosed cannabis with medicinal plants to help you boost every area of your life and always feel in control. Taking a hike or a kayaking trip? Get a boost with GO. Headed to a wedding reception? Boogie down with BLISS, a team Rebelle favorite! The 1906 line includes 6 different formulations for you to help set the mood for whatever you may be doing this season. 

Looking for something a little sweeter? Wana gummies have various vegan, terpene-rich and best of all, melt proof gummy options for you to choose from! The flavors are insanely delicious, Limoncello and Watermelon are our favorites among the budtenders here at Rebelle! 

Beat the heat and chill out with some cold seltzer! We have 3 different brands for you to pack your cooler with, each with various doses and flavors for you to choose from to get you where you wanna go! CANN comes in a 6 pack of 8 fl oz cans, perfect for social gatherings, and with a winning combination of 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can and creative flavor options, you CANN be sure everyone is going to be in for a bubbly good time. Levia offers single dose 12 fl oz cans with 5mg THC each in various flavors, our personal favorites are the Celebrate and Achieve recipes, and the seasonal Dragonfruit is absolutely incredible! 

Good Feels has several delicious flavors of seltzer in single dose 12 fl oz bottles, each delivering approximately 3mg THC and 2mg CBD for perfectly good feels. You’re gonna be the most popular host in town with these at your BBQ! Still need to quench your thirst but not vibing with the seltzer? Create your own cocktail with Good Feels beverage enhancers, in a refreshing lemon-lime flavor, and we even have a flavorless option to really allow you to get innovative with your drink, the possibilities are endless! Each 1.5mL serving contains 4.5mg THC and 3mg of CBD, a winning combo to make sure you feel good for whatever you’ve got going on.

Are you really hungry though? Terrene’s infused olive oil is an effortless way to consume and enjoy cannabinoid compounds in your recipes. You not only get the medical benefits of the THC and other psychoactive ingredients, but the herbal cannabis flavors enhance the dish! Here are some cold prep recipes that allow the full range of flavors and psychoactive compounds to be experienced without being broken down by cooking. How about a fresh salad? We’re fans of a simple lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad. Need something a little more filling maybe? This incredible summer garden pasta salad fits the bill! What could be betta’ than a plate-full of bruschetta? Especially at a social gathering. Bruschetta recipes are simple and can be conjured up on the fly, but if you need some help, we’ve linked a simple one. These are just a few ideas we’ve found and enjoyed, but there are so many more dishes just waiting for you to try them out! Just one important thing to note: Make sure not to heat the olive oil above 350ﹾF, as it would cause the CBD and THC properties of the marijuana to break down, and what’s the fun in that?

Since we were talking about social gatherings, bonfires are a blast and a perfect setting to share a pre-rolled joint or blunt with the group and catch a buzz. Bring a full gram of something to puff puff pass around or bring a multipack to break open and share! Or show off your skills and roll your own using some quality flower from our menu. Whatever you decide to do, we’ve got the strain to set the tone for the occasion. Want a similar high but need something more discreet? We’ve got tons of vape cartridge options for you, and we even have our own signature Rebelle 510 battery if you need one!

Whatever adventures await you this summer, aim higher with Rebelle to make it even more extraordinary!

Rebelle’s Guide to an Elevated Summer