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Rebelle is a Great Barrington, MA-based marijuana dispensary (cannabis store) that proudly serves customers from Durham, NY 12422. When customers are looking for a “Marijuana Dispensary near Me” more often than not their search leads them to Rebelle. We’re a prestigious Cannabis Dispensary in Great Barrington known for selling the best weed to our customers from Durham, NY 12422.



Sure there are a lot of Weed dispensaries near Durham, NY 12422 but Rebelle is determined to be your best option! We carry an amazing variety of competitively priced cannabis products including: Flower, Edibles, Vapes, Tinctures, Topicals, and Prerolls. We even carry our own unique line of Rebelle designed products.


To Save you time and avoid lines we always recommend placing an online order. Orders can be picked up at Rebelle Dispensary in Great Barrington. Sorry we no longer offer Marijuana Delivery to Durham, NY 12422.


Check out our extensive online cannabis menu and feel welcome to place a pick up order.


We Value Our Durham, NY 12422 Customers

Rebelle proudly serves the Durham, NY 12422 community handling all cannabis needs. Check out our reviews to see what your Durham, NY 12422 neighbors are saying about us!

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Looking for the "Best Dispensary Near Me" and you're in Durham, NY 12422?

Are you looking for the best dispensary near you and you’re located in or around Durham, NY 12422? Look no further than Rebelle – the premium cannabis dispensary providing the finest quality cannabis products and exceptional customer service from our highly trained budtenders.

Why Rebelle is the Best Dispensary Near Durham, NY 12422

Rebelle a prestigious cannabis dispensary located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts  is your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. From high-quality flower to top-shelf concentrates, edibles, and more, Rebelle has it all. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best cannabis experience, and our commitment to quality is second to none.

The Best Products in Town including Durham, NY 12422

At Rebelle, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality weed, cannabis, and marijuana products available. Our cannabis is sourced from the best weed growers in Massachusetts, and we rigorously review each and every pot product to ensure its purity and potency before it hits our online cannabis menu or in-store shelves. Whether you’re looking for cannabis flower, weed concentrates, pot edibles, or marijuana accessories, you can trust that Rebelle has the best products in town.

At Rebelle Dispensary our Expert Cannabis Budtenders are at Your Service

Our team of expert budtenders is always available to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, our knowledgeable staff can guide you through our extensive selection and help you make an informed decision. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. If you ever have questions please feel free to call or email us! We’d love to hear from you!

Our Great Barrington Marijuana Dispensary is a Safe and Comfortable Environment

At Rebelle, we believe that a safe and comfortable environment is key to a great cannabis experience. Our dispensary is designed to be welcoming and relaxing, with ample space for browsing and a friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand at all times. We also follow all state and local regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. We’ve been covered in the press many times and have tons of positive reviews from our customers.

Rebelle has a Convenient Location in Great Barrington Massachsetts

Located on Main st. in Great Barrington, MA  Rebelle is easily accessible from anywhere in the area. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, our dispensary is conveniently located and easy to find. Plus, with ample parking available, you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot to park.

We offer Online Cannabis Ordering

For added convenience, Rebelle dispensary also offers online ordering to help save you time and effort. Simply browse our extensive selection of Cannabis products online, place your order, and come see us. It’s that easy! Plus, with our discreet packaging, you can trust that your order will be handed to you safely and securely. 

Events and Specials, Cannabis Brand “Pop Ups”

At Rebelle, we love to host exclusive Cannabis events and offer specials for our customers. From product demos to vendor days to seasonal promotions, there’s always something happening at our dispensary. Be sure to check our website and social media pages for the latest updates and specials. Check out our social media channels for updates on upcoming pop ups and places we’ll be!

If you’re a cannabis brand and would like to be featured on our menu or do an in-store event at our dispensary please use this form to let us know!

Why You Should Choose Rebelle for the Best Weed and Best Dispensary Experience

If you’re looking for the best dispensary near you, look no further than Rebelle. With the highest quality products, expert budtenders, a safe and comfortable environment, convenient location, online ordering and delivery, events and specials, competitive prices, and community outreach, Rebelle is the ultimate! Come see us today for an amazing experience!