Terpenes 101: Myrcene

Introduction to Terpenes:

If you like to occasionally take a hit of the good stuff then terpenes, or terps as some call them, are one of your favorite things that you’re probably totally unaware exist. If you aren’t into cannabis, you’ve still probably experienced them just in your everyday life. Thinking of weed, what is the first thing that comes to mind, it’s the smell. Sour and pungent herbal aromas are all too common when you pop open a jar of your favorite strain. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds which are responsible for the scent of other plants in nature, specifically though they are responsible for the distinctive aromas in your weed. If you love all of the different smells and tastes that come with different strains, then you should be thanking terpenes.

Similar to essential oils there are a huge list of different terpenes all with different scents and flavors, while also producing differing effects and physical feelings. Leading to a more or less energetic high for example. Believe it or not the reason that your favorite strain is your favorite strain, is the specific blend of terpenes in it. Most of the time strains have roughly 3 main terps which contribute to the aroma, flavor, and effects.


This terpene is a real star, it is the most abundant terpene among cannabis strains. It is actually the dominant terpene in over 40% of commercially available strains of weed and is responsible for many of those key characteristics of your high. Myrcene enhances the flow of other cannabinoids to the brain, making it a key player in the entourage effect. Interacting with many others to produce a number of unique and powerful highs. 

  • The Feel:
    • Most known for it’s ability to provide deep relaxation
    • High levels of myrcene enhance the intensity of a high
    • Providing a tranquil and peaceful state of mind
  • The Benefits
    • Found to possibly help fight and kill cancer cells
    • Widely used as an anti inflammatory 
    • Historically used as a natural sedative and muscle relaxant 
  • The Palate
    • Known to have strong earthy and spicy notes
    • Many say they get hints of mango or overripe fruit
  • The Connections
    • Present in both lemongrass and hops 
    • High levels of myrcene are found in mangoes
    • Found in certain herbs like cardamon and thyme
  • The Strains
      • Strawberry Banana Lemon: A smooth and somewhat hazy hybrid which tends to lean a little more towards the sativa side, a demonstration myrcene’s effects in a great daytime use strain.
      • Purple Urkle: This heavy hitting indica definitely will leave you totally at ease after a few hits. Known for it’s strong grape flavor and musky notes as well.
      • Grape Gasoline: This strain definitely has that fruity and earthy scent common with myrcene. Both euphoric and relaxing all at once!
      • Wedding Crasher: This strain is really relaxing but equally social, a great hybrid that showcases that chill vibe myrcene is often known for.
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Myrcene is said to be sedative but this has not actually been proven yet. While it does make you feel very relaxed and at peace this is not the same as sleepy. 
    • This terpene is especially key in the entourage effect so you may find that you get more intense highs from strains high in myrcene. 


Terpenes 101: Myrcene