The Rebelle Guide to Elevated Sex

A Beginner’s Guide…

Maybe you’ve heard that cannabis is an aphrodisiac or that smoking before sex can enhance the experience. It can definitely relax you, quiet the mind, increase confidence and connection and add dimension to tactile sensations.

But what’s really going on? On the surface, cannabis does slow down the perception of time and thus prolongs feelings of pleasure. It also heightens all of the senses — not only touch, but smell, sound and, as anyone who has scoffed down a pint of ice cream after a joint knows, taste. But what if you could move beyond the orgasm and in that moment, lose yourself and actually connect with your partner and some larger unifying presence? And maybe, recognize them all as one?

It may sound a bit woo-woo, but it happens and it has been written about and described by poets and writers for thousands of years. And while we don’t yet have the neuroscience to explain it, and perhaps we never will given that brain studies and random controlled trials aren’t especially effective at measuring these more spiritual things, we do know that if you can find the right strain, dose, mindset and physical setting you’re well on your way to elevating sex to a more sacred ritual. 

We do, however, know, that cannabis triggers receptors in the brain and body, which help you to shift gears, relax and ease you into the mood. In the right dose cannabis can also decrease anxiety, stress and pains to get you out of your everyday mindset. What’s more, if you set an intention to be more receptive, you can channel your attention to receiving your partner more fully. Together, these sensations can create an experience that is uplifting, expansive and brings a rush of life force into your body. Some call it pleasure. Others call it heaven. 

Of course, there are no roadmaps to this outcome, so we Rebelles have taken it upon ourselves to run our own experiments to create this Beginner’s Guide to Elevated Sex. (Before we get to that, a quick reminder that great health promotes great sex. Get good sleep, eat well (not too much, especially before sex) and exercise regularly to get more blood pumping and and release more endorphins, which will reduce pain and increase pleasure.

Set the Mood

Everyone’s sexual journey with cannabis is personal, intimate, and determined by how the plant’s combination of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids react with your body, as well as how you react with your surroundings and your partner. So first, take the time to consider mood, strains and product choices. 

Next, build anticipation by setting the mood. Remember, God is in the details, so make this mood setting into a ceremony of sorts. Dim the lights and change out regular bulbs with bulbs of different colors. Shut off your computer and phone and place them out of the room. Choose the most sultry playlist. Get out those infused lubricants or any toys you enjoy. While clearing the room of distractions take an edible (the right dose, of course) and let the cannabis do its work. Waiting for the edible to kick in? What about a massage with an infused topical or oil?

Once the cannabis takes hold, remember that it affects receptors and nerve pathways in the skin, lips, nipples and genitals — all of those sensitive areas that love to be touched, licked, stroked and otherwise tingled. Besides stimulating sensations in those areas It can also raise dopamine levels in the brain, which means increased pleasure. And be sure to pay attention to the way cannabis is heightening feelings of receptivity between you and your partner. Give in to those feelings. Welcome them. If you’re lucky you may feel that complete merger of body, mind and spirit, which can make orgasm divine. How much better can it get? 

PS: If you have any ideas or experiences to contribute, drop us an email.


Rebelle Recommends…

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Purient Plus | Personal Lubricant

Looking to evoke your sensual side? 612 Studio’s Purient Bedroom Cannabis is an infused pre-foreplay personal lubrication inspired by ancient rituals and formulated to awaken your intimate essence. This sensual lubricant is formulated to enhance your intimate experience in a safe and holistic way. Rest assured, this product is designed for all genders, no matter who you are, who you are with.




Rev Clinics Lavender Massage Oil

Topicas Relax Lavendar Massage Oil combines hemp seed oil, THC and powerful essential oils to give soothing relief to aching muscles.





For Play | 1:1 | Chocolate Bar

This ForPlay 1:1 Chocolate Bar mixes the taste of delicious chocolate with organic enhancements including Horny Goat Weed, Kava Root, Long Jack, Arginine, Beta-Alanine, and superior distillate. Mixed with a bit of mint, these 1:1 CBD:THC pieces are intended to increase attraction between couples looking to do Rebellious things. Breaks easily into 20 pieces for precise dosing.

The Rebelle Guide to Elevated Sex