The Great Barrington Book Club

You’re Invited To Join The Great Barrington Book Club Launching February 29th at 6:00pm RSVP Calling all bookworms of the Berkshires! The Great Barrington Book Club is here, and we’re thrilled to invite you to our inaugural meeting on February 29th from 6-8pm, hosted at Rebelle!  Our first pick is thecaptivating thriller First Lie Wins […]

Rebelle’s Guide to an Elevated Summer

Ahh summer. What a wonderful time of the year to connect with yourself, your friends, family and nature. Here we’ve compiled a guide, filled with tips on which  products to try, tricks to get the most out of them, links to recipes and more to help you elevate your summer in so many different ways!

A History of Cannabis & The LGBTQ+ Community

Cannabis has been a symbol of resistance for so long. Generation after generation the government has criminalized and radicalized this plant, and the substance’s conscious use in many political upheavals, such as counterculture, is not a coincidence. Even as total legalization seems so close to sweeping the country in the next few years, the subject […]

Cannabis Topicals: the Ins & Outs

By now we all know that the weed we once knew has come to take some pretty interesting forms apart from just buds. But now with the world of cannabis opening up more and more a robust market of topically applied cannabis products has come to life. While you might be thinking, “Wait, you want […]