Meet Our New Rosin Batter, Exclusive at Rebelle Dispensary

Rosin Batter

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’re probably always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in cannabis products. Well, look no further because Rebelle Dispensary has a treat in store for you – Rosin Batter. But what exactly is Rosin Batter, and why should you be excited about it? What is Rosin Batter? Rosin Batter […]

Marijuana Strains For Weight Control

Cannabis has been regarded for it’s wellness benefits for centuries, and recently, its use has expanded to include weight control for many users. Although not all strains are created equal in this regard, some consumers have found certain cannabis strains which help them with weight management and regulation. There are two main types of cannabis, sativa and […]

THC & CBD: The OG Best Buds

THC & CBD- The OG Best Buds

When trying to describe the unique benefits of our friends THC and CBD many people often fall into the trap of comparing one against the other, as if there were some sort of competition! But these guys are actually a match made in heaven. They’re great apart, but they are even better together. These incredible […]

Your Guide to Shopping With Rebelle

Your Guide to Shopping With Rebelle

Here at Rebelle we offer an elevated cannabis shopping experience in a variety of ways that allows our customers to browse by form and need. We aim to set you up for success so you find exactly what you need and seek to provide a more attentive and individualized experience because we realize everyone is […]

Microdosing 101

You probably have heard the term microdosing before, which is a practice that is often associated with psychedelic drugs. Recently however the concept has been gaining traction within the cannabis community as well. But how does microdosing cannabis work and does it really have any benefit at all? We’ve created this handy guide to help […]

Dosing Edibles: How Strong is Too Strong?

Cannabis in edible form including gummies, brownies, mints, cookies, drinks, think any food products, are incredibly discreet and can produce safe long-lasting effects when consumed responsibly and when you know how much you are consuming. Unfortunately, edibles can lead to some trouble if you aren’t careful, we’ve all known someone (maybe even yourself) who’s taken […]

How to Create an Account

In order to create an account enter our retail shop site. In the right corner you are going to hit login where you can hit the sign up button. You must create an account to ensure the safety of your information From here either login into your existing account using your phone number and password or […]

Ditch Your Dealer

Two-thirds of the U.S. is in support of recreational marijuana, and the movement continues to gain ground in state after state. Yet the legal market has failed to fully replace the black-market sale of the same substance. In this time of legal weed sold in an illegal way, where customers can choose to buy what […]

Terpenes 101: Caryophyllene

If you like to occasionally take a puff there’s a good chance terpenes are one of your favorite things you might not have thought about. Open up your grinder or bag of greens. Give it a deep smell. What did you find? A pungent, sweet and yet sour aroma that creeps out and lingers in […]

A History of Cannabis & The LGBTQ+ Community

Cannabis has been a symbol of resistance for so long. Generation after generation the government has criminalized and radicalized this plant, and the substance’s conscious use in many political upheavals, such as counterculture, is not a coincidence. Even as total legalization seems so close to sweeping the country in the next few years, the subject […]

The Secret to a Goodnights Sleep

Still counting sheep? Sleep is a vital and unfortunately often neglected part of person’s overall health and well-being. Getting adequate rest enables the body to repair itself and be fit and ready for another day, and when that does not happen, well you know cause you’re reading this article trying to find that something that […]