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Microdosing 101

You probably have heard the term microdosing before, which is a practice that is often associated with psychedelic drugs. Recently however the concept has been gaining traction within the cannabis community as well. But how does microdosing cannabis work and does it really have any benefit at all? We’ve created this handy guide to help you gain a better understanding of it all.

Microdosing consists of just that—using a tiny amount of the substance throughout the day in order to produce very mild and sustained effects. This practice is quickly becoming more and more popular among both medical and recreational cannabis users because it reportedly enhances productivity, creativity, and overall mental function without the spacy high associated with the usual THC dosages. While there are not many scientific studies done yet to back it up, many people are incredibly adamant that it works for them and does provide some amazing benefits. Microdosing should only have a small, almost unnoticeable effect. If you feel “high” or “trippy”, then you’re not microdosing properly. Users may feel a slight buzz, but it should not impede their work performance. The main benefits that users receive are increased creativity as well as a light relaxing effect that takes the edge off of stressful work days.

There are a variety of methods for microdosing cannabis. Everyone’s body is unique and requires some experimenting in order to find the right dosage amount. The best way to determine your ideal dosing regimen is to record your cannabis consumption in a journal. In addition to what product you’re using and how much you took, try to keep track of the effects you feel in order to dial in your ideal amount versus when you may have taken a little too much.

To help keep your experiences in one space, we’ve created a convenient print out microdosing log to use through your journey. 

The standard starting point for most users interested in beginning microdosing is between 1 and 2.5mg of THC. That dosage is adhered to for a few days before gradually increasing your dosage from there using 1mg increments until you begin to feel the effects slightly. Once you find your sweet spot, stick to that dose for at least three to four days. If it still feels good then you’ve found your dosage! 

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Microdosing 101

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