Chocolate Extravaganja!

Chocolate Extravaganja

Everyone loves chocolate! And (nearly) everyone loves weed, right? So imagine putting weed and chocolate together! We decided to put this together for you to showcase some creative ways to enjoy some of our favorite chocolate bars available on our menu! Get ready to indulge yourself, you deserve it!

Rebelle’s Guide to an Elevated Summer

Ahh summer. What a wonderful time of the year to connect with yourself, your friends, family and nature. Here we’ve compiled a guide, filled with tips on which  products to try, tricks to get the most out of them, links to recipes and more to help you elevate your summer in so many different ways!

Rebellious Holiday Mocktails

This holiday season, we’re all about the infused mocktails! Start with a bottle of Select Squeeze, or tincture of your choice, and add only the freshest ingredients. Tried and tested by the Rebelle crew!