Terpenes 101: Humelene, The Skinny Terpene

Introduction to Terpenes:

If you are a cannabis smoker there is a good chance terpenes are your favorite thing that you’re unaware of. If you aren’t into cannabis, you have still probably experienced them in your day to day life. Thinking of weed, the first thing to come to mind is the smell. Sour, pungent, and herbal aromas are all too common when you pop open a jar of your fav flower. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds which create the scents of many plants in nature, specifically cannabis of course. If you love all of the different aromas and tastes in all the amazing weed strains out there then you have terpenes to thank.

Similar to essential oils there are a huge list of them all with different scents and flavors, also with differing effects and feelings associated with them. Some with a more or less energetic high for example. Believe it or not the reason that your favorite strain is your favorite strain, may be due to the specific blend of terpenes in it. Most of the time strains have roughly 3 main terpenes which contribute to the aroma, flavor, and effects. 


This terpene is one of our favorites and has some very cool properties that you might never expect, like the ability to actually counteract the classic side effect of getting the munchies. While further research is surely needed, many have sought out humulene for its therapeutic properties as well as it’s flavor and aromatic properties. While humulene is not often the most prominent terpene in a strains blend, it can be a hugely impactful one so keep an eye out for it in your next batch of buds. 



  • The Feel:
    • Dependant on the other main terpenes in the blend
    • Does not have a distinctive “Indica” or “sativa” feel
    • Contributes to what many refer to as the body high 
  • The Benefits
    • Appetite Suppressant, Goodbye Munchies!
    • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
    • Very helpful with chronic pain
    • Shows potential for anti-tumor uses
  • The Palate
    • Sharp aromatic notes 
    • Smells of wood and spice 
    • Hints of clove and pepper are common



  • The Connections
    • The top terpene in hops, found in beer worldwide
    • Commonly found to be in sage and cloves 
    • Present in coriander and black pepper 
  • The Strains 
    • Sour Diesel | This strain might not have distinct flavor notes common in hulumene but is one of the better examples of what some refer to as “skinny-weed”, the stuff with the opposite of munchies. 


    • Headband | Another strain known for a strong buzz, and distinct flavor notes from humulene being so often present. Great for relaxation without feeling too sleepy.
    • Skywalker OG | This and another of our favorites, linalool, make Skywalker a great after work strain with a strong and fun body buzz from the humulene.



  • Tips & Tricks
    • For those looking to keep themselves nice and stoney without getting too hungry this is the terpene for you!
    • Again this is a key strain for anybody looking for a little pain relief, or just a really strong body high. 
    • If you love strains that have that hint of spice and pepper you should keep an eye out for humulene in them.







Terpenes 101: Humelene, The Skinny Terpene