The Kind

The Kind is the way ahead for conscientious and forward-thinking brands who bring accurate representation to cannabis leadership. We are aiming higher and elevating all of our exceptional partners who are fighting the good fight! 

What is The Kind?

  • An opportunity to showcase brands and companies that align with CGP’s core values of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion and non-discrimination.
  • A collaboration of industry leaders and activists dedicated to making the cannabis industry a better place through acts of  inclusion, social justice, & community outreach. 
  • A place for consumers to support businesses who give back and work diligently to do the right thing.
  • A dedicated space to right the wrongs of Zero Tolerance laws and to showcase and support Black, Women, and Minority-owned businesses.
  • A platform to give consumers honest insight into what is going into the products they consume and how companies are doing their part to be green. 

Why be a part of The Kind?

  • To know who makes the products you consume and what is actually in the cannabis you consume.
  • To shine a light on the people actively breaking the grass ceiling and to help change the fact that currently only 37% of cannabis industry executives are female and only 19% of businesses are minority-owned. 
  • To inspire more companies to operate in ethical and environmentally friendly ways. 

How The Kind is doing good:

  • By giving a broader and more powerful voice to the companies who deserve it.
  • By highlighting and promoting products that are Kind for all the right reasons. 
  • Through consumer education on the most critical parts of the industry

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Meet our Kind Vendors:

Shop JustinCredibles x Rebelle

  • Breaking the grass ceiling as the very first black cultivator in the state of Massachusetts
  • Launching a series of personally curated strains, totally new to the market
  • Changing the cannabis market by improving inclusion and representation

Her Highness
Shop Her Highness x Rebelle

  • They bring attention to  stories of women unjustly affected by cannabis prohibition
  • Partners with Last Prisoner Project to help expunge cannabis crimes for women
  • Donates portion of proceeds from Last prisoner Partnership towards expungement

Shop Mindy’s x Rebelle

  • Inspired by groundbreaking female chef Mindy Segal
  • Pioneering the edible industry for womxn since their launch in 2016
  • Provides artisanal naturally inspired flavors of non GMO gummies

Papers + Ink
Shop Papers + Ink x Rebelle

  • This female led collective made products that reflect a true feminine inspiration
  • Works to break the existing stereotypes in a male dominated industry
  • Sources components only from cruelty free suppliers worldwide

Remedy Rich 

  • Both black and female owned, this brand is on a mission to break cannabis stigmas
  • Creates unique and inspirational cannabis streetwear to raise awareness

Veterans Cannabis Project

  • Run by veterans and continues to give veterans access to jobs in the industry
  • Works to advance veterans access to safe medical cannabis nationwide
  • Provides education about the benefits of cannabis for veterans

Shop Levia x Rebelle

  • Female owned
  • Have worked with veterans causes and cancer initiatives

Pioneer Valley
Shop Pioneer Valley x Rebelle

  • 40% Female and LGBTQ owned
  • Provides education for individuals from disproportionately impacted locations via mentorship and internship programs
  • Provide legal consult on the application process for social equity applicants at no charge

Shop Cannalux x Rebelle

  • 100% female minority owned
  • Takes an aggressive approach in assisting other minorities with a pathway into the industry with a mission is to not only destigmatize what the canna consumer looks like, but to also position other minorities as owners within the industry.

Shop Ardent x Rebelle

The Kind