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Dogwalkers Animal Face [.75g]

Dogwalkers “PLAY” Big Dog pre-roll offers .75g of sativa-leaning flower in a single format. Conveniently packaged in an on-the-go tube, each Big Dog is crafted with strain-specific premium flower; never shake, stems or seeds. Dogwalkers donates a portion of proceeds from every product sold to deserving animal shelters across the country.

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Rythm Slapz

RYTHM Indica Dominant Premium flower eighths (3.5g) offer a variety of expertly cultivated and meticulously cured strains with optimal potencies, lush aromas, and rich flavors.

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Rythm Brownie Scout

RYTHM Indica Dominant 500mg PAX Pods use the highest quality, full-spectrum cannabis oil in combination with customizable PAX technology. These strain-specific full-plant extracts contain no fillers or additives.

Strain description: Brownie Scout [orig: A Green Thumb original] is an indica dominant strain, offering a spicy-sweet profile and the feeling of blissful relaxation.


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Cultivate – MA Chocolate OG

Can’t fall asleep? Have you tried everything under the sun and you remain up all night? Chocolate OG will have you sawing wood and feeling good in no time! This heavy-hitter is a fan-favorite for anxiety relief, ridding joint pain and aches, and killing that insomnia for good! Expertly crafted with True OG x Chocolate Rain, Chocolate OG is a must have for anyone longing for a good night’s rest. Catch a zZ with Chocolate OG!

Flavor/Aroma: Earthy, nutty, sweet
Lineage: Chocolate Rain x True OG
Reported Effects: Calming, sleepy, relaxed, giggly
Terpenes: β-Myrcene, α-Pinene, β-Pinene, Limonene

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Cresco™ Bio Jesus

Best for evening use, this strain packs a powerful relaxing effect, numbing the mind and the body. Ideal for patients looking for physical pain relief or a sleep aid. Bio Jesus combines a strong diesel fuel scent with the smell of a sweet flowered meadow on a summer morning. Its flavor is sweet with hints of diesel.

Terpenes: Pinene, Caryophyllene
Flavor: Earthy, Chemical
Reported Effects: Relaxed, Hungry

Rotated seasonally and picked at the peak of freshness, our hand-selected Rest strains are grown by professional agronomists to offer flavorful rest and relaxation.

Rest flower is derived from indica strains, which are associated with calm and relaxation. Our Rest offerings pair well with quality time, evening wind-downs and restorative self-care.

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Strane Super Lemon Haze

THIS IS more super than lemon. A sativa-dominant cross of Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze has won multiple 1st place prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup – among other awards in the U.S. and Canada. Why so super? The sweet taste of lemon candy might be enough, but Super Lemon Haze is also extremely strong . A go-to choice for veteran patients, it should be an ideal daytime choice, with uplifting effects that ease stress, stimulate creativity and may result in a case of the giggles.

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Strane Ice Cream Cookies

A strain specific cannabis extract cartridge by Strane. Every Strane product has one thing in common: simplicity. Simple packaging, a simple menu to choose from, a simple path to your happy place. You just need the right occasion – and the quality flower or concentrate to match.

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Strane Forbidden Fruit

THIS IS too tempting to refuse. A hazy, tropical flavor entices you from the first bite of Forbidden Fruit, finishing off with notes of freshly sliced pineapple and malty banana. This tranquil indica lets you enjoy your well-earned rest.

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Papi Cannabis Lava Cake #11 [1g]

Papi Sweet Sluggers are made with only high-potency, freshly-ground whole flower. Rolled in a tobacco-free green tea blunt wrap for a smooth taste and even burn, these pre-rolled blunts are powerful and consistent, just like Papi. Available in 1 gram pre-rolled single blunts packaged in a doob tube made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

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