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&Shine Strawberry Cough

&Shine Vape Cartridges offer a great combination of value and quality with high-potency distillate oil paired with 100% all-natural terpene blends.

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Nature’s Heritage Crescendo

We travel the globe to unearth high-quality cannabis strains that are authentic and genetically-pure. Our extracts are skillfully made from these choice strains, capturing the smell, taste and effects of the original plant. Genuine, uncompromised…explore all the fine lineages we have to offer…

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Rythm Brownie Scout – Relax

Rythm Relax popcorn flower eighths (3.5g) offer a variety of expertly cultivated and meticulously cured indica-dominant strains with optimal potencies, lush aromas, and rich flavors – in a smaller bud size.

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Toast Pineapple Express [1.2g]

Toast Infused is expertly crafted and has a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process to provide the perfect burn and experience every time. Toast Infused celebrates the full spectrum of the plant and is made from 100% flower and has a cannabinoid profile that contains minor cannabinoids and terpenes earning the approval of cannasseurs everywhere. Toast infused pre-rolls are 1.2G and have a Total Cannabinoid Potency of 40-50%+.

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Toast G Code [1g]

Toast Classic features some of the most coveted strains on the market, chosen for their unique terpene profile and euphoric effect. Toast Classic strains are especially curated by cannaseurs and always contain 100% flower with no fillers. Toast Classic is available in 1/2G and 1G and Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.

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Coda Signature Pomegranate & Hibiscus [20pk] (100mg CBN/100mg THC)

Active Ingredients: 100mg CBN:100mg THC per package | 5mg CBN:5mg THC per serving.

Effect: Dream

Tasting Notes: Savor the sweet ruby notes of pomegranate with a dusting of tart floral hibiscus-infused sugar. Pomegranate antioxidants combine with a unique 1:1 CBN:THC combination for restful sleep without the wait.

Fast-Acting Technology: Powered by MedPharm’s patented Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formula (L.E.A.F.), consumers can expect to feel effects in just 15-20 minutes. In addition to reducing onset time, L.E.A.F. enhances the bioavailability of all emulsified cannabinoids by up to 500%.

Dietary Information: Made with real fruit and are gluten-free and vegan.

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Coda Signature Maple & Pecan (100mg)

Ingredients: South American darkened milk chocolate, essence of pecan, maple, puffed amaranth, & smoked sea salt.

Tasting Notes: A splash of sweet maple, hint of pecans, and a bit of hearty wood smoked sea salt further enhances the depth of flavor in our custom blended darkened milk chocolate.

Active Ingredients: 100mg THC | 20 servings, 5mg THC per serving

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