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Forbidden Fruit Cinnamon Apple [20pk] (100mg)

Elevate your edible experience with Forbidden Fruit THC-infused Dehydrated Cinnamon Apple Wedges! High in fiber and low in carbohydrates, enjoy Forbidden Fruit for a non-gmo, gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free elevation sensation. At approximately 5mg a piece, each piece of Forbidden Fruit is infused individually to ensure accurate potency and quality.

Forbidden Fruit is America’s first ever THC-infused natural dried fruit. We only use real, whole fruit that’s dried at peak ripeness to lock in its natural flavor. We infuse each piece with the highest quality cannabis distillate to create an edible experience unlike any other. There’s really only one way to put it: THC. Naturally.

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Terra Blueberry [20pk] (100mg THC)

Known simply as “The Blueberries,” these award-winning bites spawned a thousand imitators. Our dried blueberries are dusted with cocoa powder and finished with a generous coating of creamy milk chocolate. Each of these handcrafted treats takes 10+ hours to create

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Unsweetened Chocolate, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla), Cultivated Blueberry (Sugar, Blueberry, Sunflower Oil), Gum Arabic, Cannabis Extract, Cocoa Powder, Confectioner’s Glaze, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sucrose, Glucose Syrup.

Allergy Warning: Contains Milk. May Contain Traces of Nuts.

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I Am Edible 2:1 Cucumber Watermelon [20pk] (100mg)

Finished in a citric acid & sugar coating, I am Edible’s new fruit chew formulation boasts new & improved mouth feel. Chew with ease, chew with these! Each chew is infused with precise doses of Cannabis oil distillate, and are a great choice for a long-lasting therapeutic effect. Take a trip to the spa with each Cucumber Watermelon chew. The refreshing and soothing medley of flavor pairs well with the mellowing effects of the CBD.
Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric acid, Pectin, Baking soda, CBD, Soy lecithin, cannabis oil. *Trans-fat free, Gluten free, Vegan.

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Rythm Zack’s Cake

RYTHM Premium Flower offers a variety of expertly cultivated and meticulously cured strains with optimal potencies, lush aromas, and rich flavors.

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Cresco™ Runtz Buttons

Our Liquid Live Resin is sourced from a single cannabis strain. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. We capture the original full-spectrum effects of fresh flower in the convenience of a cartridge. Compatible with all 510 thread batteries.

Refresh products are derived from a hybrid of sativa and indica strains, which encourage balance and clarity. Refresh strains are good for emerging from afternoon slumps, creative expression, and enjoying me time.

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&Shine Granddaddy Purple

&Shine Vape Cartridges offer a great combination of value and quality with high-potency distillate oil paired with 100% all-natural terpene blends.

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Dogwalkers Sour Diesel [.75g]

Dogwalkers “PLAY” Big Dog pre-roll offers .75g of sativa-leaning flower in a single format. Conveniently packaged in an on-the-go tube, each Big Dog is crafted with strain-specific premium flower; never shake, stems or seeds. Dogwalkers donates a portion of proceeds from every product sold to deserving animal shelters across the country.

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